Collect More Candy

<h1>Easy Recipes, Healthy Eating Ideas and Chef Recipe Videos</h1> <p>Press up or down to change lanes & throw garlic at bats. If you hit many bats in a row you build power in your special attack meter & activate a score multiplier bonus. When your special attack meter is full you get unlimited special attacks. Watch out for the vampire mouse which instantly steals an item on a full moon. The mirror beam clears all bats in a lane, but does not affect Jerry.</p> <p>It almost feels like I’m being lazy, but I think the Internet has changed everything. It has certainly changed professional cooking—the evolution of it and the speed at which things have progressed. Granted, there is a lot of static you have to sift through to find something of use, increasingly so. But in terms of instant access and comparing and asking different things, I’ve almost come …</p>