V-neck Lace Dress

Felicity Jones’ Two-step Vacation Party Outfit Is Everything

There’s no incorrect way to interpret a singular party theme—as lengthy as you might have some enjoyable with it. So log into your Pinterest, get out your favorite notebook and begin making ready to throw probably the most incredible party you’ve ever thrown. Paris wore a purple lace minidress and sparkly silver Mary Jane-style heels, whereas younger sister Nicky, 39, opted for a floral minidress. Kathy wore a festive red checkered gown with a big red bow at the bodice and Kris, 67, rocked a patterned black pantsuit. Ultimately, the distinction between workwear and party clothes is crystal clear—so venturing into the grey area of an office Christmas party can really feel a bit unnerving. Seriously, how can we combine office-appropriate apparel and party-ready ’fits (sparkles, fun cloth, statement pieces—the exact opposite, basically) in a method that really seems chic?

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