Info Technology And System Infrastructure

Some, like wheels and levers, simply evolve in a formidable millennia-long cycle. Others, like jet packs, by no means seem to seek out the recognition we expect. And many, like 8-track tapes, shine brightly for a moment and fade into obscurity. I’m not so sure about that, but NFTs are additionally good for tickets, for souvenirs, for a digital element of a bodily product, and for taking a relationship with a brand from one or two platforms to multiple others, like a digital gallery. Given Facebook/Meta’s noisy multi-billion-dollar entry into the metaverse market, it in all probability shouldn’t come as a surprise that metaverse was the fourth-most-predicted technology that shall be vital for marketers in 2022. “All of us need to be mini information scientists in today’s tech-driven world,” says Prudential Financial CMO Susan Somersille Johnson.

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