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Secondly, VF interventions carry probably the most potential for climate mitigation if they’re viewed via urban-level systemic food planning, which sheds mild on the contextual conditions needed for VF to contribute to sustainability. Finally, the globalized dynamics of the neoliberal political financial system, and in flip the localized results for food techniques, have implications for VF that need to be taken into consideration in framing up-scaling policy. Over the final couple of decades, city areas are more and more characterised by new forms of food production and consumption. The natural food industry in Europe has as an example turn into a beautiful and rising segment of the general grocery store in cities (Wier & Carverley, 2002).

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Additional data was acquired by monitoring on-line discussions and posts mainly from the BCF’s official account on Weibo, the preferred microblog in China. In China, the rethinking and criticism of typical food systems accompanied …