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We all know that ordering a birthday cake in Singapore can be a bit of a hassle. You have to decide on the flavor, the frosting, and the decorations. Not to mention, you have to find a bakery that will actually create the cake you want. So, what are the do’s and don’ts when ordering a birthday cake?

Are customised cakes the way to go?

There are many ways to celebrate, but a showstopping birthday cake in Singapore is something that will be remembered for years. Commissioning baker with unique cake-making skills can make your special occasion unforgettable and truly one-of-a kind!

Some of the do’s and don’ts when ordering a birthday cake are:

1. DO use a dummy tier.

To make the most of your cake, use a dummy tier to create an impressive design. The polystyrene is similar enough that you can decorate it in addition and spend less time frosting or even making decorations surrounding the cake.

2. DON’T put a rush order.

When you ask a baker to create something special for your big day, they put in hours of hard work. The last thing we want is for them to do all this time and effort just so that it doesn’t turn out the way we imagined! So, give yourself some room – tell bakers ahead if possible so there’s no stress on their end during planning season or right up until assembly day.

3. DO find a baker who will focus on your cake.

You want to make sure that you find a baker who will take the time and effort needed for such an important project. So, be careful when selecting them because if they have too many jobs on their plate then things may suffer in terms of quality or attention to detail.

4. DO look at your cake options.

When it comes to cakes, there are so many different options for you and your friends. You can go with a traditional fondant-covered tier or even an ice cream cake this summer! If those aren’t enough then try some cupcakes iced beautifully in colours that will bring smile on their faces as they eat them up – who doesn’t love sweets, anyway?

5. DON’T forget to give the baker the right message on the cake.

You can also request that the baker not only decorates your cake, but includes special messages. For example: “Happy Birthday Billy Joe” or Thank You for being an awesome friend!”

For this to work properly though there are two things you need in place before hand-one being accurate information about how old (or young) each person eating on such an occasion will be; secondly ensuring their given name has been spelled correctly when ordering so it appears alongside other more formal terms like ‘Mr/Mrs.”

6. DO mix and match different flavours on the tiers.

DO mix and match tiers with different cake flavours. This is a great idea that will not only look stunning, but also offer your guests plenty of variety to choose from!

The best part about this strategy? You can go all out on dessert or simply send some home-bound goodies after they’ve enjoyed themselves at the buffet table full steam ahead since after all, they deserve a second slice.