1. Make your own burgers at home

By cooking and preparing our own food, we can determine the portion, the ingredients used, and how to cook. We can reduce the portion of ground beef and add a little breadcrumbs. This method will keep the burger meat solid, but contain fewer calories and fat. We can also reduce the portion of ground beef and then add lean chicken or lean turkey on top of the burger meat. With this, the fat content in the burger dish will be reduced.

2. Processing meat by grilling

(grill) How to make a burger by grilling the meat over charcoal (grill) is better than frying it. If fried, the fat that comes out of the meat will collect in the pan and reabsorb into the burger meat. Meanwhile, by grilling, the fat content in the burger meat will drip out of the meat. Healthier, right?

3. Reduce clumps of burger buns

Burger buns or burger patties will add calories, carbohydrates, and fat to your burger serving. To reduce it, we can modify the burger patties. For example, only serving one piece of bread at the bottom of the burger. Burgers will indeed be more difficult or messy to eat. To outsmart, you can eat it using a knife and fork.

4. Reduce salt Burgers

made in restaurants are often very tasty and salty. In fact, too much salt is not good for heart health and blood pressure. Making burgers at home gives us the flexibility to use seasonings other than salt. For example, we can reduce the salt, but add jalapeno and onions to add flavor to the meat.

5. Selectively

choose toppings and additional burger contents Burger meat alone contains enough calories. Additional toppings and other burger filling ingredients can make the calorie count even higher. Therefore, avoid additions in the form of bacon, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce on the burger if you want a burger that is healthier and low in calories and fat. 6. Stay away from complementary foods When buying a burger at a restaurant, we usually buy a package complete with side dishes. Starting from french fries, sweet or fizzy drinks, to desserts like ice cream. The energy content in one burger package can be more than 1,000 calories. So that you don’t have excess calories and fat when eating a burger, don’t add side dishes. We can also prepare side dishes in the form of vegetables in the form of salads and chopped vegetables. For drinks, just choose water over sugary drinks or soft drinks.