Shop for Halal Beef in Halal Supermarkets to Enjoy Its Benefits

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As a result of the stringent moral criteria that food items must fulfill for them to be certified Halal, many people now choose to eat halal cuisine even though they are not Muslim themselves.

Meticulous consumers think Halal cuisine has abundant ethical and health advantages. Halal food is usually the top choice of diners for many ethical reasons. Animals slaughtered under Islamic law principles or halal are raised and butchered with the use of humane practices to avoid suffering. Eating foods like halal beef can also have tremendous health benefits.

See how buying Halal beef from Halal supermarket in San Francisco, CA can support your diet and your health in general.

Animals Feed on Grass Free from Pesticides

To meet the standards of halal, animals are required to feed on grass. Free-range meat usually has higher concentrations of essential nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants, with lower levels of saturated fats.

To be more specific, grass-fed meat has the tendency to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These Halal animals are fed pesticide-free grass as well, which is valuable because toxins can easily find their way into animals that consume feeds treated with pesticides.

Free of Preservatives

Today’s meat industry often uses preservatives to increase the amount of time meat that they can keep on the store shelves before these become spoiled. There is still a continuous quest for answers to questions on whether preservatives added to meat can affect the health of people who consume it.

It has been found out that that sodium nitrate present in processed meats, for instance, can damage blood vessels and even increase the risks for suffering from heart disease. Halal beef is free of preservatives, which means that it can be considered as a healthier alternative to meat that contains all those unnecessary additives.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Steroids are often given to beef cattle although there is still insufficient study regarding the effects of consuming meat injected with hormones. It is alleged that these hormones can affect some health outcomes in humans, such as the quality of sperm a man can produce.

Antibiotics are also usually used in the process of meat production, which may also pose some health implications. Halal beef shares many properties of organic products in the sense that animals are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

All in all, you can easily tell that halal beef is so much better than the usual beef you buy from your favorite butcher. This is also the reason why halal supermarkets are starting to gain momentum in San Francisco and other places across the country.

As more people discover and realize the difference that halal food has to offer, it is also safe to say that the demand for supermarkets that carry these products will continue to grow in the near future. If you wish to be ahead of the game, don’t waste any minute and start shopping for your halal ingredients today.