10 Tasting Advices for Champagne

Champagne is the ultimate luxury drink. Always present at the biggest events, it symbolizes elegance, joy and sharing. Since it is an expensive product, it should be chosen with reflection. You also have to follow certain rules to serve it properly. Here are the best tips for champagne.

Decipher the Label Well

To choose a great champagne online, pay attention to the label of the bottle. In addition to the name “Champagne”, the name or company name of the producer and the name of the town where the wine is produced must be clear, as must the sugar content, the alcohol level and the volume.

Choose Big!

Large bottles are always better suited to a festive and family context, especially on large tables. Do not hesitate to provide a magnum (the equivalent of 2 bottles) or a jeroboam (4 bottles).

Adapt Champagne to the Menu

Made from white grapes, the Blanc de Blancs, generally goes well with starters and fish dishes. Made from black grapes and more vinous, the Blanc de Noirs can be paired with meat and poultry. Reserve brut as an aperitif, and vintages and old champagnes for more refined dishes and cheeses. You can read more about this here.

Beware of Promotions

Avoid the supermarkets’ promo sections. When it’s too cheap, it’s rarely good. Buy less but buy good! Follow the advice of your wine merchant and specialized merchant sites.

Pay Attention to the Robe

The character of a champagne can be read in the color of its juice. The lighter the color of this, the lighter the champagne will be.

Choose the Right Glass for Serving

The wide-rimmed champagne glass is strongly discouraged because its shape allows the aromas to evaporate very quickly and promotes the disappearance of the effervescence. Also avoid plastic flutes. Tulip glass or crystal flute are the best alternatives.

Drink Champagne at the Right Temperature

Many think that champagne is drunk iced, but that’s a mistake! Putting it in the freezer would destroy the aromas and the champagne would then be quite bland. It is advisable to put the bottle for 20 to 30 minutes in a champagne bucket filled with ice cubes.

Open the Bottle Right

The “Pop” of champagne is in fact harmful to its quality since many bubbles come out of its bottle, reducing the CO2 contained in the champagne. Prefer to gently turn the bottle while holding the cork, so that the opening is the least aggressive possible.

Do Not Serve too much Champagne

You should never serve a full glass. Half a glass is sufficient to leave enough room for the development of the aromas.

Do Not Put the Glasses in the Dishwasher

The dishwasher and even the dish soap may stain your glasses of champagne with slight residues that will disturb your future tasting.