All cultures agree that breakfast is a must-eat meal. People want energy-packed food that is quick and easy so they can get on to the next day. A warm bowl of oatmeal with a lot of flavor is a popular Western breakfast. Japanese people have a practical and wise approach to breakfast. Japanese breakfast traditions show people who make sure that the first meal of the day has all the nutrition it needs.

Japanese Breakfasts are packed with nutrition

This article will give you a glimpse into traditional Japanese breakfast recipes and show how they can help you get started on your day.

Carbohydrates can be used to fortify

White rice (hakumai), or brown rice, is the main source of carbohydrate in Japanese cuisine. For a simple breakfast, the rice can be steamed gohan. The rice can also be used to make okayu rice porridge, which is a popular choice for both kids and adults. It’s usually served with pickled plums made with vegetables ( Tsukemono), or shiso leaves( Umeboshi). You might also add dried bonito, skipjack tuna shavings ( Katsuobushi), and seasoned kelp ( Tsukudani).

Protein for Sustained Energy

Japanese diners are primarily concerned about high-quality, unadulterated proteins rich in omega 3/6. The traditional source of protein for Japanese people is fish ( yakizakana). Freshly caught fish can be boiled or pan-cooked to make a protein-rich breakfast.

Traditional Japanese breakfasts include a large portion of poultry proteins. Tamagoyaki is a popular dish that is expertly prepared and presented as an egg omelet.

Japanese people are known for preferring plant-based foods. Some of the most popular bean-based breakfast dishes have stood the test of time, including miso soup ( Misoshiru), and fermented soybeans( Natto).

Nutritious Vegetables and Fruits

The Japanese breakfast is dominated by carbs and protein. It also includes a large amount of fruits and vegetables. Traditional Japanese breakfast was served with Ajitsuke Nori, which are seaweed-seasoned and dried. The breakfast menu also includes other vegetables ( Kobachi), and fruits like bananas.

Four Japanese Breakfasts Everyday

1. Gohan

The traditional breakfast dish is made up of steamed, plain rice. It can be either white or brown rice and is usually served with the protein portions. You can combine it with other side dishes or salads to create a complete breakfast.

2. Miso Shiru

This is a common Japanese traditional soup. It’s made from a paste of miso, fermented soybeans and a dashi broth. It contains ingredients like chopped green onions, wakame, Japanese mushrooms, and tofu ( Aburaage).

Miso soup is made from scratch in most Japanese homes. There are instant miso soup packets and dashi-infused soy paste, which only require water to be added.

3. Natto

Fermented soybeans are a Japanese staple breakfast food. It is a complex food that requires a lot of taste and aroma. Natto can also be prepared with spicy mustard ( Karashi), dried bonito shavings ( Kizami nori), and chopped green onions. Natto is also available ready-to-eat at many Asian and Japanese food shops.

4. Tamago Kake Gohan

This breakfast dish is unique because it contains both protein and carbohydrates in one bowl. Topped with a raw egg, soy sauce seasoning and salt, the steamed rice gets served with soy sauce. It’s delicious and easy to make.

Popular Western Breakfast Foods

Japanese breakfast tables now include western breakfast options like toast, bread, tea, and coffee. They still prefer a high-energy option like a thick Shokupan bread with jam. Shokupan white bread has a fluffy texture and soft texture.

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